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Clinical Community

In order to focus on patient care, everything else must be reliable, smart, and safe — both in your workflow and technology. Our goal at Flatiron is to help you get it all done, while keeping the patient first.

To kickoff our Clinician Community, Flatiron has started a newsletter geared for physicians to share product updates, industry observations, and general medical musings. Join our Clinician Community to subscribe to this newsletter, get updates on new events, and connect with peers both in and out of your network.

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From the Flatiron Blog:

The Physician Visit Note

Pharmacy Community

Pharmacists have a unique clinical vantage point that requires them to stay on top of the market landscape in lockstep with physician counterparts.

Join the Pharmacy Community to meet other oncology pharmacists, share best practices and leverage the group’s collective industry knowledge while meeting and connecting with community peers. 

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This is How We Clinical

Practice Management Community

It’s daunting to be accountable for operations and financials at an oncology practice. You need to spend your time strategically and effectively to drive success.

Join Flatiron’s Practice Management Community to connect with other practice managers and billers to share strategies to keep practice operations and finances sound, drive organizational engagement and prioritize patient care.

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From the Flatiron blog:

Why RCM?

Research Community

Running a research program is complex with many moving parts. Our goal at Flatiron is to provide you with tools to navigate the process more seamlessly.

Join Flatiron’s Research Community to connect with other research directors, managers, and coordinators to share best practices and tactical strategies to run a successful research program.

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Latest newsletter:

Research Roundup:
March 2020

Latest webinar:

Research Roundtable: April 2020

Overview of upcoming product investments, practice spotlight with CHCWM sharing how they rolled out the new research documentation feature at their practice

Women in Oncology

There’s a great opportunity for women in community oncology to connect on shared experiences and encourage one another’s personal and professional success.

Join the Women in Oncology Community to navigate career development, discuss workplace gender dynamics, and share personal ambitions with other women working in your field. Come together to drive the advancement of women in community oncology.

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